About Us

Huang Zhen (Rita)

Founder of iMile

Team Structure

iMile has a team of experts from multiple industries ranging from e-commerce, lastmile delivery, cloud technology to warehousing and fulfillment.

Rita is an ex-Alibaba Dubai JV CTO, ex-Huawei Country Manager and has over a decade experience in the MENA region.
Having a strong experience in localized service and technology, Rita is determined to bring unique value on solving COD & address problems for Chinese and local e-commerce merchants.
She is also the founder of ePanda, the # 1 start-up media in China covering the MENA region. She is an active entrepreneur in the middle east start-up community.



Our focus is to serve Chinese and Local e-commerce merchants.


We are a technology driven firstmile, international mile and localized lastmile delivery platform

Interest Sharing

We share the interest with the value chain, especially the local partners. We also share the value to our core staffs.

Business Target

To become the leading cross-border e-commerce logistics company in the middle east.